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Ghoradeshwar temple

Greetings... Most of the Pimpri Chinchwad peoples know the Ghoradeshwar temple but rest might know it. It is one the way to talegaon on old Pune mambai road. If you want to take a break for half day or one day then this place is very much suitable to you. It is situated at Gorawadi village which is just before toll plaza of old pune-mumbai road. Lord Shiva / Ghoradeshwar temple is there on the top of the hill. You can park two wheeler / four wheeler at the basement of the hill & walk on the steps of the way. If you are the good walked you required only 15 minutes to reach the top, otherwise you need 30 minutes. After finishing near about 300 steps you reach to flat portion of the mountain then there is a normal road to go to the caves. On the top there are caves carved on big rocks. Inside this caves there are temples of the GOD. You can't see such a place anywhere. Very nicely crafted caves looking like temple inside hill. Also Lord Shiv Ling crafted from the same rock.

Khadakwasla Dam

Greetings.... Thanks for visiting the post. Today we will see the well known place near pune i.e. khadakwasla dam. Someone may call it as a "Pune Chowpati". It is on sinhgad road near about 20 km from swargate. Near by places to visit are Neelkantheshwar temple , Sinhgad fort , Panshet dam , Varasgaon dam & LAVASA . If you are planning for one day picnic this is the best places you can visit. Because ahead of this there is a Sinhgad fort. it is around 8 km from khadakwasla dam. then ahead of sinhgad fort you can visit panshet and varasgaon dam. there are two routs to the Neelkantheshwar one fron sinhgad fort you can go from the panshet road, take a right turn from main road to reach bahuli village near Neelkantheshwar temple and other is if you are planning to go from kadakwasla chowpati, then go back to the walls of the dam front view. then after bridge take left turn to reach bahuli. Also ahead of these two dams there is most famous place " LAVASA". but it

Bushi Dam Lonavala Part-2

Bushi Dam Lonavala Part- 1

Bushi Dam Lonavala Part-1

Lonavala is centre point of mumbai & Pune therefore it is the most attractive tourist attraction of both the cities. Lonavala is about about 65 km from pune. you can reach he place by taking express way or old mumbai pune highway. both roads are superb!. Most popular attraction at Lovavala is Bushi dam. To reach bushi dam you have to take right turn from Purohit Chikki Mart on Pune-mumbai road. On the way there is a Tata Dam. Then you travel from range of hill spots, after 5 km you will reach to bushi dam. Very nice water falls & game of sun & cloudes you will observe during mansoon season. Below are some of the snaps of the lonavala trip. Don't forget take & eat Lovavala Chikki. Bushi Dam Lonavala Part-2

Nilkantheshwar trip video part -4

Nilkantheshwar top view Video - click on below link Nilkantheshwar entry road Video - click on below link

Nilkantheshwar trip part -3

Nilkantheshwar trip part 1 Nilkantheshwar trip part 2 Nilkantheshwar part 4