Prati Pandharpur

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As per yesterdays discussion, Our one days picnic route is pune to pirangut-paud-hadshi-pavna dam-prati pandharpur-lonavala-pune.
Round the trip total distance covered is 145km.

Prati Pandharpur temple of Vitthal, Rukmini is at Dudhiware Khind near Pavana dam. It is the replica of Very famous temple at Pandharpur in Maharashtra India. In mansoon season lot of peoples visited this places.

Nearby tourist attractions are
1. Mulshi Dam
3. Tikona Fort
4. Lohgad Fort
7.Chinmay Vibhuti Aashram

To reach this place you have to come to Pavana dam. Then all road upto the prati pandharpur temple is passing very nearer to the pavana dam water. Lohgad fort is on the way. Total distance from pavana dam to this temple is 7.5km.

You can take Mahaprasad at the temple in between 12 to 2pm. Very good for the taste. I havn't forgetted the taste of it. Also there is facility to stay at Bhakta Niwas. So that you can stay at this place.

Enjoy the day & write comments to explore the more things to know to all of us.

A- Pavan Dam
B- Prati Pandharpur temple

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