Sinhagad Fort- Tourist attractions

"What to do? where to go? what to see? what to eat? where to stay?" these are the questions coming in mind when you are going to any place. We will see answer of all these questions in this blog & next blog for other places.

Sinhagad Fort is the main tourist attraction of the Pune & Maharashtra. Therefore now we wil se details of this for for your information.

There are only two Darwaja's ( Door) to this fort. One is open at Pune side & other is at Kalyan Village. Means if you want to come this fort you have to come from pune via Donje village or from kalyan village ( From Pune- Satara road Kalyan Village is accessible) Trekkars used to came from Katraj Ghat to Kalyan Darwaja.

What to see?

Below are the attraction points on Sinhagad that tourist must see during visit.
1. Khand kada
2. Pune Darwaja no. 1
3. Pune Darwaja no. 2
4. Pune Darwaja no. 3
5. Ghadpaga Tak
6. Ganesh Tak
7. Darukhana
8. Wada
9. Tilaka Bunglow
10. Devtake
11. Paga
12. Kalyan Darwaja no. 1
13. Kalyan Darwaja no. 2
14. Kalyan Darwaja no. 3
15. Zunjar Burunj
16. Udebhan thadage
17. Amruteshwar Bhairav temple
18. Tanaji Malusare Samadhi
19. Kondhaneshwar Temple
20. Rajaram Maharaj Samadhi
21. Kalavantin Burunj
22. Torna fort view
23. Khadakwasla dam view
24. Kadelot point

What to eat?

Numbar of Dhabe?? small hotels??? Resorts???? what I mean... you will get very good hot lunch, breakfast,tea on Sinhagad. Special Marathi Thali Zunka, Bhakar & Bhajji is the famous lunch on Sinhagad. You can take a Curd also. You can find Kairi ( Kachha Mango ) on Sinhagad in all seasons. Its taste is also excellent. Means you need not to worry about the food on Sinhagad, you will completely satisfied with all these foods managed by local peoples on fort.

Where to Stay?

At Donje village & Aatkar wadi Village there are number of hotels, resorts & farm houses to stay. You can choose any one for halt.
Also, If you want to enjoy more & more then call 88888-34568 for the arrangement of tents on Sinhagad fort. Sleep & stay in tents on Sinhagad in nights.

How to reach?

As we discussed there are two darwaje's to this fort.
1. You can take your vehicle from Donje upto the top 
2. You can Park Vehicle at Donje / Aatkarwadi & walk - Normally one required 45 minutes to reach at the Pune darwaja.
3. If you are coming from Kalyan then your vehicle will come close to the fort 3 km away. You directly reach to the top.

Nearby Attarctions?

1. Khadakwasla Dam
2. Panshet Dam
3. Varasgaon Dam
4. Nilkanteshwar temple

You can cover all above picnic spots in one day, if you planned one day picnic.

Below , I am sharing Layout of the Sinhagad fort.

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