One day trip Alandi and Vadhu Tulapur route


Today we will see one day trip to Alandi & Vadhu Tulapur.

Alandi is a place of Sant Dnyaneshwar & Tulapur is of Sambhaji Maharaj.

Tulapur  is famous for the temple of Lord Shiva. Also,This place is known as a Sangameshwar.

Tulapur is places on the bank of 3 rivers named Bhima,Indrayani & Bhama. Nagargaon is the name of Tulapur previously. A small temple on the bank of above three rivers is very beautiful & must see during Visit. Tulapur is a place where Sambhaji Maharaj were killed by the Aurangajeb. and Vadhu is a place where dead body of the Sambhaji Maharaj brought & cremated.

There are 2-3 small hotels near temple where you can take breakfast & tea. Vadhu- Tulapur is a very calm & cool place.

Round the trip you covered 70 km. Pune to Alandi distance is 23 km. Alandi to Tulapur distance is 11 km.

Below I am sharing google map to get detailed idea about the route.

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