Mauli Village - Alibaugh


Mauli Village is located at Alibaug on Alibaug Rewas road. It is the good place to stay. You can visit all beaches near Alibaug by staying at this place. The amenities and rates are very good. Below are the packages of Mauli Villages.

Facilities at Mauli village are

1. Rope swing
2. Zula under trees
3. Tradition cot under shed made from tree waste material
4. Cricket ground
5. Badmintal court
6. Bullock cart

Beacuse of above facilities you can enjoy a lot on Mauli village cottages as well as on beaches.

For booking  call on 9595000600

1. AC Room -Rs. 1600/- per room & Rs. 2100/- per package 
2. No AC Room - Rs. 1400/- per room & Rs. 1900/- per package
3. AC Room - Rs. 1000/- per person with package & Rs. 800/- for children
4. Non AC Room - Rs. 800/- per person with package & Rs. 700/- for children

Cottages in Alibaug

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