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Wadkar Agri Tourism - Camping with tent Stay

Spread on land of 20 acres...more than 1200 mango trees...700+ Pomegranate ( Dalimb).....200+ custard apple  and many more fruit trees...You can have overlooking view of Veer dam from our farm house...Also there is a Forest area behind our farm ...which adds beauty in your stay...Wadkar Agri tourism is located at Rajpur near Shirval..about 45km from pune. You can play Cricket, football, kho-kho, Gotya, vitti dandu, Swim in Shet lake, tractor ride, hammoc and many more.... Below are the Packages 1. One day Picnic - Rs. 500/- per person Time- 10 am to 5 pm It includes morning tea+ breakfast, lunch, evening tea+ snacks+Tractor ride 2. Camping Stay Package- Rs. 1000/- per person It includes lunch+ evening tea+ snacks+dinner+ morning tea+ breakfast+Tractor ride Rs. 100 extra for non veg meal... Please Contact Mrs. Sonali for booking - 9595000600 Please write Comments to get more details about places around pune to visit and Share this infor

I am love in it

"Sir, I want to spend my Sunday at the place where there is no disturbance, It should be dam water front, in Jungle dark forest area, There should be unlimited tea and breakfast, What I mean I should get veg/ non veg buffet unlimited lunch, It should be neat and clean... Also my kids should enjoy and if there is a separate space for my Mr. to drink .....oh one thing I forget It should be close to Pune within reach of 50km ..and rates should be at average level....."..this is the demand of the customers calling Mrs. Sonali....Please Call Mrs. Sonali for booking 95525329132 . Answer is... Please write Comments to get more details about places around pune to visit and Share this information with your loved ones. Comments are integrated with Commentluv. If you " Like " the post then click on " Facebook Like" button on website at right handside to get detailed free posting Daily. Also you can Subscribe to google+,

Monsoon Trek of Rajmachi

Rajmachi is a beautiful place which consists of two beautiful peaks namely "Shivardhan" and "Manaranjan".    The best season to reach there in monsoon.  We started at  8 am  and it took us 3 and 1/2 hrs to reach the top.  There is a nice waterfall where u can take bath. Come down from the cave for a min and take a left which is the route to Rajmachi.  The Journey starts here and follow the white arrow. As It was raining the way was little slippery and we reached Rajmachi village by 12:30 PM . You can see two peaks from the village. Village people are very good in nature.w e reached top by  1:30 PM  and took rest for an hour, had our lunch ,food was to good .   1 - The entire hike will take 2 days to complete wherein u can halt at Rajmachi as they have  lodge and food facility.   2 - Follow the white arrow mark 3 - Dont throw any waste as it is a non pollution area. 4 - Its abt 3000 ft.       We really enjoyed our trip.......................... .. H