Tavera on Rent Pune - Flat Rent


Tavera on Rent at lowest rate of Rs. 1200/-per day with driver.
Diesel , toll and parking to be born by parties. Halt Charges are Rs. 200/- for driver only. Seating capacity is 6+1. All India permit vehicle.

In normal case human is comfortable to travel 200/- km in a day. Therefore I am taking an example of 200km runnig per day.

If you have to travel for 200 km's in a day then in  Market you have to pay Rs. 3000/ as per rule of 300 km minimum. But in above case you have to pay only Rs. 1200+ Diesel charge approx. 800/- means you saved Rs. 1000/-

If you hire Vehicle for2 or more than 2 days then charges will be Rs. 1000/- per day. Means you will save more than Rs. 2400/- for two days.

So what you are thinking call Mr. Nitish 9595000600 to book a Cab.

lowest rent- Car on rent

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