Sinhgad Fort near pune part 1


Sinhgad fort gives life of 100 years to you. how??????
If you daily or weekly trek Sinhgad fort for one time you will live for more than 100 years... provided taking good diet. I have so many examples & if you also want the examples come at Donje sinhagad paytha on every Saturday Sunday. 

To reach to sinhgad Fort near pune, you have to come the Khadakwasla dam via Sinhgad road from swargate then drive in straight way you will reach Sinhgad fort. 

You have two options. one you may park vehicle below the fort at Atkarwadi & take a walking, treking route & other is drive your vehicle upto the top. Prefer first one to become healthy for next hundred years.

Hot & tasty lunch is waiting for you on the yop of the Sinhagad fort. You will get Zunka Bhakar, Garam garam Bhaji, kurd, Vangya che bharit etc.. its taste is extra-ordinary. you will fully satisfied with these food. Also you can eat ice cream, Kacha mango in all seasons, cucumber etc. on the top of the sinhgad.

There is a special water well which attracts all visitors to taste. DEV TAKE, is name of water well.
Do visit & taste it.Sinhagad is the Pune's most favourate tourist attraction.

Sinhgad is surounded by Rajgad, Purandar & Torna. You can see all these forts from here, beacause Sinhgad is at centre. If you have energy you can walk to next hill tops from sinhgad. In next post I will write about hill tops near sinhgad. The eye view & wind feelings are un-immaginary & mind blowing....Just  Keep reading,watching & travelling...