Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park Katraj

Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park previously known as a Snake park Katraj is the perfect one day picnic destination around pune.

Snake park timings are 9:30 amto 6 pm. Park is closed on Wednesday. Entry fee is Rs. 10/-, 5/- , 25/- for adult, kids & foreigners respectively. Detailed timing & entry fee board snap available at the end of this post.

 You need at least 2 hrs to see the Zoo by overall view.For detailed view of the zoo you need whole day. It spread on 130 acres of land. You can walk all the stations or there is a provision of the electric car (pollution free car) for the round of the park at nominal charges.

No plastic bags, carry bags allowed inside the park. Even plastic water bottles are not allowed inside the Zoo. Canteen facility is available inside the zoo. Where you can take breakfast, tea, cold-drinks etc.

 It is situated at Katraj infront of Katraj dairy. From main Katraj Chowk, it is hardly 400m long towords pune road at right hand side. Zoo is the collection of all kind of animals, raptile,mammles & birds. Zoo includes tiger, lion,elephant, samber,bear, deer, monkeys, snakes, peocock, crocodile & lot more.

Please do visit the Zoo & enjoy the day.

Zoological park

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