Tapola Mahabaleshwar

Tapola is the place near Mahabaleshwar. It is around 25 km from Mahabaleshwar & 145 km from Pune.
If somebody will ask where i will find true nature, its answer is Tapola. Its really amzing to be in Tapola.This place is the base of Vasota fort a famous jungle trek. There is a dense forest around Tapola One can not reach easily upto the fort & even if reached not known to reach back to the place due to dense jungle. God gifted Maharashtra with this kind of Jungle on which our electricity depends.

Tapola is also called Mini Kashmir. It is at the dead end of Mahabaleshwar. Main attraction of the Tapola is Shiv sagar Lake which spread around 100km upto the koyna dam. It is the backwater of the Koyna dam. You can enjoy Water scooter, boating, Kayaking & swiming at tapola.

Now a days Tapola is changing to develop for tourism Many agro tourisms, base camps started here from last 2 years like tapola river camp, koyna agro tourism, nature trails etc. You can stay at tents & have a good lunch, dinner & can enjoy sports activities.

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Water level were down at shivsagar lake tapola as I visited in summer.

Tapola Mahabaleshwar Part 2

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