Bhima Shankar - Walk through Forest


"How much is Bhima Shankar long from PCMC& Pune?" Friend asked
"It is only 61 km & 76 km from PCMC & Pune, but it is only for natures lover" I answered.

"How it is possible?"

Why not, If you desire to walk through forest then its possible.

As per route mentioned in previous blog, you can enjoy one day trip to Bhima shankar thr' Jungle/forest.I will explain how to to reach Bhima Shankar with the help of below two google maps.

Map 1. You have take old pune -mumbai highway & take right turn from talegaon MIDC to reach Navlakh Umbre then after crossing the khind , you will reach to the Bhama askhed dam road then go in straight direction to reach Wandre.

Map 2. At Wandre you have to park your vehicle & walk thr' the forest/Jungle for around 10-15 km to reach Bhima Shankar- Mahadev, Shiv, Shankar, Nilkantheswar temple. On the day of Mahashivrasti lots of people came at Wandre to walk thr' forest to visit Bhimashankar temple.

Group of more than 10 peoples is required to walk thr' Jungle. Please take care most possible while walking thr' Jungle road. Its always safe to take help from Villagers while crossing the Abhay-aaranya. You will find all kinds of animals on the road.

Actually, I planned to go thr' this Jungle but as per villagers, if you are going first time then take much much possible care. Because On the road there are lot of tree fallen & these trees are such a big that even 10 peoples can't makae his diameter with open hands???????????? Also this is Abhay aaranya means you will find wild animals also therefore make a group....Also this is a rainy season means there are lot of obstacles on road..

Wow, what a nature??? 10 peoples can't make diameter with open hands? I impreesed too much , I cancelled my present Jungle Safari & planned it in other days.... On the same day, I will defenitely share photos with you.....

On Mahashivratri there are lots of goup going to Bhimashankar by this way. Means you have a chance to mix up with these groups on this special day.

If you dare to go thr' this Jungle then defenitely, I am very happy to listen from you.....

Have a happy natural life....

View Bhima shankar walk in in a larger map

View Bhima shankar walk in in a larger map 

In this map you can see Wandre & Bhima Shankar at the bottom & top level. You have to just walk thr' this road to reach destination.

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