Countless number of waterfalls in Pune

 Good Morning... 
" Where are the largest number on water falls in Pune?"
And the answer is " On Pune - Lavasa- Varasgaon road-Panshet"

How many numbers????????

Countless....I were counting the number of waterfalls on this road like 1,2,3,4,5,,,8,,,11,,,23,,,33,,,45,,,67,,,,70,,,,,77,,,????????? Countless, amazing, 

If you have a desire to enjoy with waterfalls then your all desire will 100% complete here... Also almost 90% water falls are safe & no much crowd observed even on sunday near water falls. Therefore you can enjoy it as long as possible..with friends, families...So what you are thinking just watch upcoming detailed posts & start driving......

Below I am sharing some snaps of the water falls on the the way..

In next phase will will see detailed journey with photos, Video's & information .....step by step..

5. Lavasa
6. Water falls on Lavasa Varasgaon road
7. Varasgaon Dam
9. Panshet dam
10. Water falls on Panshet road

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