Navlakh Umbre- Small trek big excitement

Last time I visited Navlakh Umbre mountain, It is a small trek of around 1/2 hr but it gives big excitement because of mind blowing wind flow, cloudes coming frequently creating beautiful view. At one side there is a dam view of Bhama Askhed & at other big valley...

I reached the place at 8'o Clock & excited by seeing the nature around the hill spot. There are impressions of lot of water falls coming from the top of the hill but as per Villager there is no rain as per desire thats why waterfalls disappears.

I just reached at the top picked some snaps & enjoyed the cloudes & rain drops and come back. one villager meet us at the mid of the mountain & he said " why you come back from the top, you just have to go further 100 foot to next to reach other mountain, then you can see Bhama askhed dam at one
end & valley at the other side. There were very big table land on the mountain. It is around 1km long and 300m wid. You can enjoy a lot "
Below google map shows the Navlakh umbre mountain with table land & bhama askhed dam at one side & valley at other.

I already explained about how to reach this place & route for one day picnic in last post. Roads are in good condition & there are small break fast hotels are in Navlakh Umbre village. If you take a lunch with you then its amazing experience to take it one top of the hill spot....

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