One day Picnic Route for Countless water falls


Enjoy the life with nature. It will strengthen your relations . It may be with your friend,family or girl friend, boy friend. It is power of nature. How the rain water, which is a drop of water creates big water fall? Its power of nature.

 Today we will see the route map for one day trip to countless water falls around pune.

Please keep in mind  water falls are depend on time. What I seen today may not be on tomorrow. But , if you visit the place in specific time limit then more or less picture & scenes are same.

How to reach/travel- You have to come to Pirangut Via any route, If you are in Pune then come thr' kothrud, Chandani Chouk to Pirangut. At Pirangut take a Lavasa road to reach lavasa. Upto Lavasa the attractions are nature beauty, Temghar dam & water falls at Dasve- Lavasa. Then you have to take a left turn where you have take right to Lavasa Kids Garden. Means suppose you have gone to see Lavasa city then also keep in mind after returning when you crossed kid garden, don't take a right turn, drive in straight way of Panshet dam road.

Total distance covered round the trip is 140 km. If you want to enjoy, whole day will consume around it. therefore you have to start early & because traffic from Sinhagad fort coming after 5 pm.

From start to end there are countless water falls & road is  full around the dam & experience like driving through forest. You can hear sound of water thr'out the journey.

Hotels near Lavasa & Varsgaon road- You can take a breakfast at Lavasa hotels. and also you can take a lunch at X'trill &Surya Shibir which is about 8 & 15 km from Lavasa respectively . You will get pure veg at Surya Shibir.Also there are two small hotels on the way to Warasgaon dam where you can get lunch or you have to travel upto main walls of the Varasgaon & Panshet dam for Lunch.

Attractions on the way are
1. On the way to Lavasa
2. Temghar dam
3. Waterfalls at Dasve- Lavasa
4. Lavasa
5. Lavasa- Varasgaon road waterfalls
6. Countless number of water falls
7. Varasgaon Dam
8. Pune' s Niagara water fall
9. Panshet Dam

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A &D - Pune
B- Lavasa
C- Varasgaon Dam

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