Temghar Dam


Mutha River Which passes from the heart of Pune city depend on Temghar dam in Mulshi. It is the gravity dam. If we will see the map then some big mountains divided two dams one is temghar & other is Mulshi.

The nature & beauty around these dam is shown in below photos. Its amazing experience to live near dam. We already seen how to reach temghar dam.

It is on the way to Lavasa. Around 40 km from pune & 15km from Pirangut. As it is a gravity dam you passes thr' its front wall. then all Lavasa city is at the top of hill. The scenes around the dam are very excellent.

How to reach temghar dam please click here.

You can enjoy Butta (Makka Kanis) at Rs. 20/- on the bank of Temghar dam with hot tea & chips.
Up down in rain & play of rain, wind & Sun you will observe through out the journey.

The nature is so romantic that human can't create the same environment with fan, coolar & AC. Therefore this route is also good for romantic couples.

Enjoy the life.

Around pune nishigandh chavan

lavasa nishigandh chavan

temghar dam

Lavasa nishigandh

Temghar dam

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