Water Fall in Pune- Kolve

In the last post we have seen the route to reach Kolve village near Pune. It is 65km from Pune. This place is not known to everybody. Therefore you can't see public here. Also the water falls are from the top of the mountain therefore they appears very small from road side. 

In Kolve village there are total 7 main water falls out of which only one is accessible easily from road. But you have to walk thr' water path to reach the place. I will also share the video clip of the path from main road to waterfall. You may feel fear to go to close to the water falls because nobody is nearer to you. After 10km all area is declared as a Abhay-aaranya of Bhimashankar.

Regarding road to reach this place are good enough to drive the car. I always try to use two wheeler during rainy season. I satisfies the desire of Varsha Vihar. When I am with my family then only I used the Car. Anyway, there are no hotels after you leave the Navlakh Umbre near Talegaon. There is only one hotel at after Shive Village buts its quality is ...??? 

I asked to Villagers why Water falls are so small/ medium? he replied " Water is still not merged into the mountain, after one month if rain still continus then they will appear in big sizes, Also from last month rain is continuosly falling..You visit in next month..you can see rush of peoples also..."

Whatever It may be, but I enjoyed waterfall a lot............

I have Video clip of mountains nearby it & entry road too. I will share it on next coming days...

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Pune waterfall

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