Water fall near Pune- Baneshwar

Baneshwar Water fall is famous in Youngers who don't want any disturb & enjoy the water & rain. This place is the combination of rain & water fall & water flow. After exit of the Rock Garden there is road to this water fall. But road is not so good to reach the water. It is a slippary one. You can enjoy a lot here in rainy and mansoon season. You can observe Un/ Pause khel here. Though water fall is not as like Lonavala, it is neat & clean. So enjoy the nature.

You can enjoy this water fall from side waters of it, because as we know there is a always risk to enter in flowing water. so, there is a hoading near Baneshwar temple not to enter into the Water fall water.

If you are with family then check below link to make one day picnic plan.

Picnic trip route Prati Balaji, Purandar Fort, Baneshwar temple & Bhatghar Dam.

Nearby tourist attractions are

1. Prati Balaji

2. Baneshwar Temple

3. Purandar Fort

4. Bhatghar Dam

Do visit the place & Enjoy the day, Enjoy the Life.

Baneshwar water fall

places to visit in rainy season

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