Lohagad Boat Club - One day Picnic package

Lohagad Boat Club is situated very close to the water of pavana Dam. Pavana Dam is surrounded by four major forts Tung, Tikona, Lohagad &Visapur of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.Near by attractions include Bedse cavesHadashi templePrati Pandharpur and of course all above four Forts Tung, Tikona, Lohagad and Visapur...

Lohgad Boat Club is offering one day picnic package with following details. Boat club is at Pawana dam which is 50 km from pune and 10 km from Lonavala therefore pune and mumbai both side public is coming here at weekends to enjoy.

Approximate schedule is peoples came here at 10 am and take a hot tea and breakfast. After finishing it we will take you to the adventure activities of Repelling, Rifle shooting, Horse riding and boating then after finishing we will take a lunch. Excellent quality food is the main attraction of package.

1. One day Picnic Package- Rs. 1000/- 

Timing 10 am to 6 pm

1.Welcome tea/ Coffee and Breakfast ( Poha/ Wada Pav Chatani/ bread butter/ Upma )
2. Unlimited Veg menu- Any two Veg Sabji like Paneer, mix veg, Dal Tadka, Steam rice/ Jeera rice, Green Salad, Roasted papad, Roti, Sweet.
3. Unlimited Non-Veg Menu-Chicken Handi, Dry Chicken, Roti, rice, roasted papad, Green Salad
4.Evening Tea+ Snacks ( Onion Pakoda )

+Below  Activities
5. Horse ride 
6. Repelling
7.Valley Crossing
8. Rifle shooting 
9. Team building Fun Activity
10. Trekking

Rs. 100 extra for non veg lunch

In addition to above you can play mini games on lawn near resort. Special care will be taken for foreign tourists visiting the resort. Food quality in above package is very excellent.

Please book your package as early as possible due to the limited number of intake. 

for booking Please Call on  9552539132

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