Bedse Caves near Lonavala Kamshet


Bedse caves are located at Kamshetaround 60 km from pune 25 km from Lonavala. If you are coming from pune then you have to take a left turn at kamshet then come up with pawana-nagar road upto the 8 km then there is a board on the right hand side mentioning Bedse caves. You have to drive for about 1.5 km to reach the basement of the caves. Then your trek?? life start here....walk on the steps to reach the Caves.

I learned a lot from Caves.  All caves are on the business line roads like joining the two major cities pune, mumbai,nashik, Aurangabad etc. During old days there were no hotels to take rest for the "Vyapari" or Business persons. Therefore they created Caves to take rest. If you entered the caves you will feel calm and cool. These caves are more effective than today's air condition's.  Approximately 860 caves are Present in India and out of that 80% are present in Maharashtra.

Some of the attractions of the Bedse caves are
1. Rock made Photo frames
2. Window Wall made from rock that is like todays goggle glass means from that window you can see outside view but from outside inside view is not possible.
3. Carving on the top of the caves
4. Sign of the nations who helped to complete this project
5. Prototype bedse caves
6. Water fall on caves to feel like Super power AC during mansoon
7. Buddh Chitya messaging cool and calm
8. Different rooms to take rest inside the caves

I will recomand you to visit Bedse caves. One thing to remind that outside food is not allowed on caves. High level of the cleaning were maintained by the department. You can't imagine such a level of cleaning.
You just visit and enjoy....

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