Konkan Kanya Agri Tourism - Hurda Party


Yesterday I visited Konkan kanya agri tourism. It is spread across 70 acres of Land which is filled with Mango, Banana, Custerd apple, amla, coconut, sugarcrane, Chikko, Jackfruit, Guava trees and 6 Lakes of Fishery. The nature is amazing. It was a very beautiful place to visit.

Special attractions are
1. Boating in a beautiful lake
2. Bullock Cart and Tractor Rides
3. Musical Rain dance
4. Play area for children

and amazing thing is that all above facilities are FREE in one day package.

Konkan kanya Agri tourism is located at post Mukai near about 43 km from Pune and close to Shikrapur.

One day picnic packages are available at unbelievable rates

Rs. 550/- per head fo adults
and Rs. 400/- for child between 4 to 10 years.

9 am to 11am - Morning tea+breakfast
1 pm to 3 pm-Unlimited Lunch
4 pm to 6 pm- Tea & Snacks

+Unlimited hurda in both packages

for non- Veg you have to pay Rs. 150 extra

For booking call Mr. Nitish 9595000600

In addition to above you will get....

§  Boating in a beautiful lake near the farm   FREE,
§  Rain dance is now start.   FREE,
§  Bullock cart and Tractor Rides                    FREE
§  Ample play area for kids                               FREE
§  Watch natural Birds (peacocks, Ducks , sparrow
Home ,pigeon , woodpecker, kingfisher etc.)
§  Spend quality time in the farm under the trees and
enjoy Sunset along with your family and friends
§  Enjoy photography at the farm.
§  Fishing
§  Shivar Feri.

Breakfast (Kanda poha,Upama)+ Tea
   Lunch menu-
      Jawar/Bajra Roti,
 Besan Pithla, Puri/Chapati, Bhaji, Dal rice, Koshimbir/Salad ,  1 sweet , Papad , Achar
     Kharda / Chutney )

Below are some snaps of this tourist place.

agri tourism pune

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