Nandanvan Resort - Harihareshwar


Harihareshwar has recently regained popularity as a destination for tourists and pilgrims, who come to see this ocean-side temple, which sits on a hill known as Harihar, or Pushpadri. The challenging route to Harihareshwar is then repeated by a challenging parikrama route around the temple, described below.

The date Harihareshwar Temple was originally built is unknown, historical evidence shows that Ramabai, Senior Madhavrao Peshwe's queen visited here to worship Hari Hareshwar, praying for the good health of her ailing husband.

Harihareshwar is bordered on one side by the Bankot creek, and on the other side by the Arabian Sea. The Bankot is the confluence of the Savitri River and ocean. A beautiful cypress grove adds greenness to the seaside environs. The town is surrounded by four holy hills, which represent Visnu, Brahma, Siva, and Parvati: Harihareshwar, Harshinachal, Bramhadri, and Pushpadri.

How to reach
Pune (143kms)>Pune-mumbai highway> Mangaon> Harihareshwar Site.
Pune (200kms)>Ulwe> Pen> Roha> Indapur>Mangaon> Harihareshwar Site.

Nandanwan Resort
At  post Harihareshwar
Harihareshwsar, Tal. Shreewardhan,
Dist. Raigad MS - 402110

Stay Packag:

Total Rooms
  Season Rate

 Off Season
    3 Rooms
Rs 600/- Per Person
        500/- Per Person
    2 Rooms
Rs 900/- Per Person
     Extra Bed
Rs 200/- Per Person
        800/- Per Person
Beach View Room
Rs 600/- Per Person
    4 Bed
    8 Bed

For booking please call Mr. Pankaj on 9595000600

1.      Attach Bathroom
2.      Elec Gyger
3.      T.V
4.      Thali System Rs 80/- Limited
5.      ( Dal, Rice, two sabji, chapati, papad, salad)
6.      Sweet: Modak Rs17/-, Puran Poli Rs 25/- and Shrikhand or Gulabjam Rs 20/-
7.      Konkani Special Food
8.      Brahman Special Food

Boating is on Extra Charges
1.       Jetskee- Rs 300/-p.h
2.       Banana Ride- Rs 200/-p.h
3.       Bumper Ride- Rs 600/- (Required 3 Person)
4.       Dolphin Suffer- Rs 200/- p.h
5.       ATV Ride- 100/- p.h
If you take full Package 1000/- p.h

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