Devbag Island and Beach

Have you heard about the island in the sea? One of the beautiful thing about this island is it opens when there is a " Vohoti " to the sea and hides when there is a "Bharati" to the sea....What a beautiful scene, I never seen...And addition to it water sports are going on, on this beautiful island. If you will see from the beach side, it is looking as like all public is standing in between the sea... land is open for short time only. see the third photo of this post, you can see land in the sea water...

One more attraction at Devbag  is Sangam where Karli River meets Arabian sea water. Blue water sea crashing against Karli river water. Nobody can cross this sangam due to the huge amount of force development in between them. Thus , you can imagin the power of nature.

and offcourse Kokani nasta Amboli quality is excellent, which is speciality of this area. You can enjoy water sports like speed boat, bumber ride , banana ride etc. here and landing and start area is "island" . If you want to stay here, then house boats are the options for you. You will feel like in kerala here. All house boats are equiped with AC rooms.

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Some of the nearby attractions are

1. Tarkarli beach
2. Chivala beach
3. Malvan
4. Sindhudurga fort
5. Scuba Diving
6. Snorkeling
7. Dolphin point
8. Island at Devbaug
9. Sangamat Devbaug
10. Water sports like banana ride, bumper ride, Speed boat etc. at Island on Devbag
11. Rock Garden

Click here for the Video clip of the Devbag Island.

Island devbag
Island at Devbag

water sports


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