Lohagad Fort

Lohagad fort

Lohagad Fort means Iron Fort in marathi Language. This name is given because it stands as like IRON. Wind and Rain doesn't affect the fort & the fort is as it is before hundred's of years. 

Lohagad fort is situated close to the hill station Lonavala and 55km from Pune. You can come to the Lonavala and take a route of Lohagad fort then before the start of the Khind take a left turn. Then the slop area started to reach the base of the fort. Lohagadwadi is the name of base village. You can take a breakfast, lunch here.The step work of the fort is in progress.

Lohagad Fort divided two rivers Pawana and Indrayani. You will get excellent view of Pawana dam back water. Also Visapur fort is clearly visible from the top of the Fort. You can see the Tung and Tikona forts as well. In addition to this you can see the top view of Navagraha temple and Prati Pandharpur temple.What I like the most on the top of the Fort is "WIND". Wind is flowing across the fort feel like ....can't express...you have to take that feel...See the Video clip of the Lohagad fort for the same.....

Below are the main atractions on the Fort.

1. Ganesh Darwaja
2. Narayan Darwaja
3. Hanuman Darwaja 
4. Maha Darwaja
5. 16 angle lake
6. 8 angle lake
7. Drinking water tank
8. Vinchu kata
9. Burunj
10. Laxmi kothi
11. Tof
12. Kabar
13. Mahadev temple

Most Commonly asked question was... How much time required to reach top?  and answer is 30-40 minutes are required to reach the top from base village....After walking 10 minutes on slop, Steps of the Fort started and you will like its really "FORT " . Best season to visit the fort is Rainy Season and Winter Season.  You will see Clouds and Fog on the fort during rainy season. Lot of crowd coming from Mumbai and Pune on Saturday and Sunday.

Do visit the Fort,Trek it & see the overview of
1. Pawana Dam
2. Visapur Fort
3. Tikona Fort
4. Tung Fort
5. Prati Pandharpur temple
You will feel like on the top of the World........


Lohagad vinchu kata

Prati pandharpur

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