Navagraha Temples - Lohagad

Lohagad fort

At the base of the Lohagad fort at Lohagadwadi, Navagraha temples ( Nine Planet temples ) are situated. The landscape and the location of the temples is very very beautiful. The work of the temples is in progress.

Nine planet temples / Navagraha temples are about 7 km from Lonavala and 65 km from Pune. There are two routes to reach these temples. One is from Lonavala, take a route of Lohagad fort, you will find the temples on the way to Lohagad fort and other one is take a left turn at Kamshet phata, then at 15 km you will reach at pawana dam and after 3 km you will reach at Lohagad boat club and Restaurant and after 7-8 km you will reach at Prati pandharpur temple and after 2-3 km after crossing the Khind take a right turn towards Lohagad fort then on the way you will find these temples.

Nearby attractions are

1. Lohagad Fort
2. Visapur Fort
3. Bhaja Caves
4. Prati Pandharpur temple
5. Lohagad Boat Club
6. Lonavala
7. Tikona fort
8. Tung Fort
9. Hadshi Temple
10. Karla Caves
11. Bedse Caves
12. Chinmay Vibhooti

Navagraha temples

Navagraha temples

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