Tents on Rent

Do you know the weekend plan of foreigners in foreign countries? Most of the foreigners preferred to trek in Jungle, Do the Cycling for long distances, swimming on beach side means if we think closely all weekend activities give them fun as well as health. In india still it is lagging....Also instead of staying at hotels they preferred to stay in tents...to get the true experience of nature....

pune tent rental

To align with them and to boost the health conscious weekend plans we have started tents on rent and cycling activity. Different types of tents are available with us and you can ask any one on rent. All tents are imported one. Mat inside the tent is also imported one.

Below is the list of tents with rent...
1. Two person tent-  Rent Rs. 400/ - Deposite Rs. 1500/-
2. Three person tent - Rent Rs. 600/- Deposite Rs. 2500/-
3. Four person tent - Rent Rs. 1000/- Deposite Rs. 4000/-
4. Six person tent - Rent Rs. 1500/- Deposite Rs. 6000/-

Rent for the one night per tent and deposite is refundable. If you want installtion services, then charges are Rs. 500/- per installtion. and home delivery charges are Rs. 500/- .

Please call on 9881402304 for booking.