Kavalshet Point - Reverse Waterfall at Amboli

Though amboli hill station is not having too much of luxury hotels, its natural beauty speaks loudly. Now a days it is a worlds Eco hot spot for tourist. Amboli covers Western Ghats of Maharashtra with " Sahayadri mountains "

Reverse water fall and  more  than 10 water falls at a place ( valley view water falls ) is the main attraction of the Kavalshet point. It is 9 km from Amboli. Reverse water fall means during rainy season if there is a wind flow in a valley then the water which is falling is coming up and it looks like water is coming up. You can see this reverse water fall in the month of June and July during heavy rains with wind.

Kavlesad point or Kavalshet point is developed by MTDC and just imagine if there will be no safety compound to this valley? How many of us visited the same? Anyway its worth to see this point which is having a combination of deep Valley + more than 10 waterfalls at one place + Reverse water fall.

Reverse water fall

amboli water falls- kavlesad

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