Pune- Historic Capital of Maharashtra

Do you know the historic Capital of Maharashtra...it is our Pune....There are lot of places were one should remember past history and visit at least once. Below are the some places  which contributes to the major tourist attraction of Pune City.

1. Aga Khan Palace
2. Lal Mahal
3. Mahatma Phule wada
5. Raja Kelkar Museum
6. Sarasbag Ganpati
7. Mahatma Phule Market
8. Vishram bag Wada

We will see detailed information on each in next post.

Aga Khan Palaca Pune

Lal Mahal Pune

Mahatma Fule wada Pune

Mahatma Fule Market Pune

Raja Kelkar Museum Pune

Saras Bag Ganpati Pune

Shaniwar wada Pune

Vishrambag wada pune

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