Prathmesh Farms and Agro Tourism

 Prathmesh Farms & Agro Tourism is the newest state of the art facility located 25kms south of Pune where you can relax and de-stress. Set in the center of the Sahyadri’s range and in the company of the seasonal river Shivganga, you are mesmerized with a breathtaking view every time you look for the horizon.

We often miss out on the simple pleasures of life like the bloom of the morning, a refreshing, playful splatter of crystal clear water, a bonfire under a sky full of stars; all of this and more amid the cosmos. Life isn’t only about deadlines anyway!

Prathmesh Farms & Agro Tourism has cottages and bungalows to stay with family and friends. You will not miss chilled and whistling breezes, the calm and peaceful village atmosphere, rural games, bullock cart rides, fishing (upcoming), rural delicacies etc; at our premium agro-tourism facility.

One Day Packages:

Full Day – 9:00am to 6:00pm
Adult – above 11 yrs
Rs.1100/- per head
Children – 3 yrs to 11 yrs
Rs.900/- per head

 For booking please call - 9552539132
11:00am to 6:00pm
Adult – above 11 yrs
Rs.1000/- per head
Children – 3 yrs to 11 yrs
Rs.800/- per head

Bamboo House
Rs.4000/- (For 2 pax)
(Rs.1500/- For Extra Person)
 Rs.5500/- (For 2 pax)
(Rs.1500/- For Extra Person)
Rs.25000/- (For 10 pax)
(Rs.1500/- For Extra Person)
 Conference Hall
(Capacity 50 to 100 pax)
 Rs.1000/- Per Person
Bamboo House(AC)

Rs.4500/- (For 2 pax)
(Rs.1500/- For Extra Person)
 Rs.6100/- (For 2 pax)
(Rs.1500/- For Extra Person)

Facilities :

·               Indoor games: Chess, Cards, Table Tennis, Carom etc.
·               Outdoor games: Badminton, Children Play area, Cricket, Ring Dish, Seas, Slider, Swings.
·               Swimming Pool, Rain Dance
·               Garden
·               Lush green lawns for parties

Adventure games like:
·         Rope Cycling
·         Hanging Bridge
·         RopeWay-2Persons (Box)
·         Flying Fox
·         Burma Bridge

Note: 1) Rates should be changeable as per booking.

          2) Drinks are not allowed.

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