Tung Fort - Adventure Route on the edge of mountains

Yes. Route on the edge of mountains.... on the one side there is a valley and there is a very narrow walkable road through out trek ... whats more required for adventure peoples?  Tung fort is the Major attraction of the Maval. There are many Forts nearby this Fort like Lohgad, Visapur, Tikona, Korigad but Why don't know this fort will catch you mind because of its location backside the Pawna lake.
Pawna lake is Surrrounded by this fort by all 3 side and one side is open and villages are situated in it.

To reach Tung fort there are two routes
1. If you are coming from Pune, then Come from Kamshet. Kamshet- Pawna nagar- take right turn at Paud- Tikona peth- Jowan at Jowan take right turn- Shilimb- Chavsar and Tungi Village. It is around 55 km from Pune
2. If you are coming from Mumbai then Lonavala- Bushi dam road-INS Shivaji at Cloud9 resort take left turn towards Paud- Tungi village. Total 18km from Lonavala.

At the base there is a short cement road and proper parking space is available. Local Grampanchat taking Rs. 50/- for four wheeler parking. There is a temple near parking to rest. Then trek started. Almost you will find narrow road through out the trek and this road pass thr' the edge of the mountains. A very adventurous road , you can see Pawna dam while climbing.A great view of Pawna dam. On road you crossed Hanuman temple and Small Guha. Then you come to the flat Surface of the fort from where you will get whole Pawna dam view almost 80% dam is visible from here. There is small temple here and nature water tank. Then you have to climb Balekilla. Most exciting part of the trek. Don't forget to climb it because real gems are on the Top of the Fort.

The real nature, real view, real meaning of forts revealed here. I have see clouds coming from 50 km at specific speed and then within few minutes surround all fort and again going to next place. Very very neat and clear view of Clouds. I will share video of the Clouds running on Tung fort.
Also I will share Tung fort - Pawna dam view Video.

Nearby hotels are not available. One local people can arrange food on request.

Stay Options nearby Fort are Holiday Camp. Very great location and food.

Lot of waterfalls and Odhas pass nearby fort where you can enjoy in Monsoon. Therefore don't forget to visit the Fort in Monsoon.

Safety - Avoid to visit in very heavy rain falls. You can ask any question in comment box.

Happy Trekking.

Tung fort

Tung fort

Tung fort trek

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